The Proposal Review

For my last blog I wanted to review The Proposal! This film is directed by Anne Fletcher, and is starring Ryan Reynolds, Sandra Bullock, and Betty White. The brief plot focuses on a Canadian publishing executive named Margaret Tate who learns that she is being deported back to Canada because her visa has expired. Margaret, who is determined to retain her role at the publishing company, forces her assistant Andrew Paxton to marry her. This was such a fun movie to switch up my usual genre a little bit. Great for a good laugh! Let’s get into it!


The movie starts out in New York City at a book publishing company. The editor-in -chief for the company named Margaret Tate is a feared and intense executive. After Margaret is informed by her boss that she is being deported because of a violation of her work visa, she convinces her assistant Andrew Paxton to act as her fiance in order for her to stay in the United States. Margaret reminds Andrew that if he does not agree, all of his work as an assistant will be lost and his path to becoming an editor will take more time. 


Mr. Gilbertson, a US immigration officer, is suspecting that Andrew and Margaret are committing fraud, and are only getting married for Margaret to stay in the United States. Mr. Gilbertson reminds the two that if they are found guilty of fraud it is punishable as a felony and a fine of $250,000. Feeling frightened by this potential punishment, Andrew takes a step back and bargains with Margaret. Andrew convinces Margaret that the only way he will follow through is if Margaret gives Andrew the position of editor, and publishes his book, and Margaret agrees. 


Andrew and Margaret travel to Alaska to meet Andrew’s family for his grandmother’s 90th birthday. Upon arrival, Margaret learns that Andrews’ family own a lot of business in Alaska, and are very wealthy. At a welcome home party Andrews family notices that Margaret is not the usual lady that they would expect Andrew to be interested in. Andrew announces the two’s engagement during the party, and the whole family is happy.


The next day, Andrews mom, and grandmother take Margaret for a night on the town. They go to a bar and watch a strip dance from a locally famous dancer (It’s Oscar from the Office!). Margaret learns of Andrew and Gurtrudes past relationship and learns that Andrew once proposed to her. After returning to his home that night, Margaret also learns about Andrew’s rough relationship with his father. While the two are in bed, Margaret asks Andrew about his relationship with his father, but Andrew refuses. Instead Margaret opens up to Andrew about her life. I thought this was a very important part in the movie because it is the first time Margaret shows somewhat of a personable side towards Andrew, I think this is where their relationship really starts to begin. 


The next day, Andrews’ family convinces the two to get married while they are in Alaska. After a day of learning just how close Andrews’ whole family is, Margaret becomes upset because she realizes she hasn’t had that sense of family in a long time. Margaret reveals to Andrew that both of her parents died when she was sixteen, and had forgotten what it felt like to be a part of a family.


At the wedding ceremony for the two Margaret feels guilty for coming in between the happy Paxton family, and she feels she would ruin it if she goes through with this fake marriage. Margaret confesses to her plan and tells the truth to the wedding guests including Mr. Gilbertson who is in the audience.

After Margaret leaves Andrew returns to their bedroom only to find a note from Margaret praising Andrew and promising that she will publish his book. Margaret returns to New York to prepare for her trip back to Canada as Mr. Gilbertson has found out Margaret’s plan to marry Andrew just to keep her visa. Andrew, who is desperate to reunite with Margaret, realizes that he actually does love her and wants to be with her for real. Andrew returns to New York and confronts Margaret in her office to confess his love for her, they share a kiss and realize their love for each other. Andrew and Margaret go to Mr. Gilbertson informs him that they are getting engaged and this time it is for real, and the movie ends there.


Overall I think that this was a really fun movie to watch. I liked seeing Margarets progression of an intense cutthroat boss to a passionate caring human being with Andrew. Also to see Andrews progression of only seeing Margaret as a mean boss to realizing that he actually does love her. There were a lot of funny moments in the movie (especially with Andrews Grandma played by Betty White), and I definitely recommend watching this one if you need a good heart warming laugh. I rate it a ⅘. Definitely recommend it! Thanks for reading!!

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