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Today I want to review one of my favorite movies that I watched during quarantine. I was searching through Netflix looking for a good movie to watch, and under the “familiar favorites” section, I found Molly’s Game. The film stars Jessica Chastain, Kevin Costner, Michael Cera, and Idris Elba. The film is based on true events. It takes us through the life of Molly Bloom, an olympic skier, and the woman behind high stakes poker games. Mollys Game reminds me a little bit of The Wolf of Wall Street as it takes the audience through life events of someone who makes a lot of money in an illegal way. Let’s get into the Molly’s Game Review! 


The film starts out with Molly Bloom (played by Jessica Chastain) and her skiing career. She is a world class athlete, who is a product of a father who is very hard on her regarding her athletic abilities. In a qualifying event for the 2002 Winter Olympics she sustained a back injury that ended up ending her skiing career. With her Father wanting Molly to go the traditional route and go to law school, she goes against what her father says and takes a year off to move to Los Angeles. At a bar service job in Los Angeles she meets Dan. Dan is a real estate developer, and he hires Molly to take care of his office. Dan runs underground poker games with participants such as movie stars, sports stars, and other celebrities. Molly gets involved with organizing the games for Dan, and she makes large amounts of money based off of tips the poker players are giving her.  

Molly starts off not knowing much about poker at all, but after years of organizing the game, she quickly picks up on how the game is played and how to appeal to the players. One of the most successful players, Player X (played by Michael Cera), is the person Molly mainly tries to please to gain more tips as he is at all of poker games. Molly and Player X form a relationship. 

I did some research and Player X in real life is Tobey Maguire (played Spiderman). Some of the other a-list celebrities that were involved with Molly’s Game were Ben Affleck, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Alex Rodriguez. Just some interesting real life facts about the true story. Back to the movie. 


With Molly becoming increasingly knowledgeable on how to run the poker game, she breaks off from Dan’s game, and convinces Player X to come over to her game that she is running. Player X agrees and they form their own poker game. Molly’s game becomes increasingly popular as she tries to spread the world around all of Los Angeles. After a falling out with Player X, Player X decides to leave Molly’s Game, and go back to Dans game, and all the other players follow. This leaves Molly without any players. 


Molly decides to move to New York, and start a new underground poker game. By trying to promote her game through bars and venues throughout the city she eventually gets enough wealthy players to have poker games a couple nights a week. The stakes of the poker games start get increasingly high. Molly finds a problem in players not being able to pay her her losses. Someone inside Mollys circle says that in order to cover for her losses, she should take a portion of the pot at the end of the game. However this makes her game an illegal gambling operation. Molly becomes addicted to drugs as the late nights of the game are taking a toll on her.

The problem of some of the players not being able to pay their losses still is an issue for Molly. The Russian Mafia approaches Molly about offering their services to try and get the players to pay their debts to Molly. Molly refuses this offer, and after she gets back to her hotel. She is confronted by the same Russian mafia people and held at gunpoint and beaten. Molly ends up spending several days in her apartment scared to come out because her face is heavily bruised from the beating. She decides to return to her poker game after the incident with the Russian Mafia. Right after she returns, her house is raided by the FBI. One of her poker players turned out to be an informant for the FBI. All of her assets are seized.


Two years later, Molly publishes a book about her experiences with the underground poker games. She is indicted for illegal gambling operations and involvement with the mafia. She tries to get help from a successful lawyer, Charlie Jaffey (played by Idris Elba). Charlie agrees to help Molly in a court case after he learns that not a serious crime has been committed that merits jail time. While in the legal process Molly’s dad comes to New York to greet her (played by Kevin Costner). Her dad attempts to reconcile with her, and she admits that he was very hard on her as a child. Charlie is successful in his defense case against the court. Molly is sentenced to 200 hours of community service and a $200,000 fine. 


Thus, he end of the Molly’s Game review! Overall I think that this movie is a very good example of a true story film that really keeps you on the edge of your seat the whole time. It is a good movie for business minded people who have the entrepreneurial mindset. Molly 100% did have that mindset as she was very successful in her experiences with running the poker games. I would give the movie 4 out of 5 stars. Great movie!

Thank you for reading my Molly’s Game review!


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