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Today i’m happy to post The Revenant review! Leonardo Dicaprio’s very first Oscar! Finally! I decided to review Revenant this time around. I feel like it is a very underrated movie from the past couple years. The cinematography throughout the movie was really cool to watch. Not to mention the acting jobs by Leonardo DiCaprio, Domhnall Gleeson, and especially Tom Hardy were exceptional. The Revenant takes us through the journeys of frontierman, Hugh Glass. It is a classic tale of revenge as he gets left for dead in the wilderness by his counterparts. Let’s hop into the Revenant review. 


The first scene of the movie absolutely makes you glued to the screen from the get go. The first ten minutes or so almost looks like a continuous shot throughout the whole entire scene. We first see Hugh Glass (played by Leonardo DiCaprio) and his crew of trappers at their camp in the Dakotas get attacked by a group of Arikara Indians who are looking for their abducted daughter. The first scene may be one of my favorite scenes of the movie just by the camera shots and the realistic nature of the battle scene. Most of Glass’s crew is killed in the short battle, and they end up getting away in a boat and begin sailing down river. Believing that traveling down river, Glass thinks that this will make them more vulnerable to another attack, so they get out and travel from then on by foot. 


In the woods, while Hugh Glass is scouting animals to eat, he encounters mother grizzly bear. Hugh gets all sorts of scratched up, and severely injured, but eventually ends up getting lucky and killing the bear. Near death, Glass lays down and is presumably left for dead. This scene had me locked in with my mouth open the entire time. I think it is because I have never seen a bear attack like that, and the way the director made it look so realistic made it that much better. It really does show the pure power of nature.

Glass’s crew ends up finding him in the woods while still miraculously alive. The crew have a situation though, do they make this trek to the military fort for safety all while having to carry a heavily wounded Glass? Or do they leave him behind with other people to go a safer, yet longer route. Fitzgerald (played by Tom Hardy) and Bridgers (played by Will Poulter) stay behind with Glass. Unable to cope with having to stay with a presumably dying Glass, Fitzgerald tries to kill Glass to speed up the process. Glass’s son sees this, and tries to intervene, but Fitzgerald kills Glass’s son all the while Glass was watching the whole thing but could do nothing about it because of his severe injuries. Fitzgerald and Bridgers flee, and leave Glass for dead. 


Glass begins a grueling Journey all while his injuries are somehow healing. He travels through the wilderness and encounters pursuing Arikara Indians. They same ones who they encountered in the beginning who are looking for their abducted daughter. Glass encounters a lone Pawnee Indian named Hikuc. Hikuc makes Glass a makeshift sweat lodge. Glass’s injuries are slowly healing as he is able to get up and walk again. Hikuc mentioned that “revenge is in the creator’s hands”, this left a mark on Glass as he continues on his journey for survival. Determined to get back to the military Base where his crew went along with Fitzgerald, Glass eventually makes it back after a long hard journey.

Looking for Fitzgerald, who killed his own son, Glass seeks revenge with the captain (Domhnall Gleeson). On their Journey, the captain is killed by Fitzgerald from a long distance shot. Glass does a trick on Fitzgerald presenting the captain’s dead body as his own to the deception of Fitzgerald. Fitzgerald unknowingly shoots the captain’s dead body thinking it is Glass’s body, and Glass gets into a chase down with Fitzgerald. They end up having an epic final battle scene with just the two of them. With the battle coming to a close, the same Arikara tribe comes across the heavily wounded Glass and Fitzgerald again. Glass remembered Hikuc’s wise words “revenge is in the creator’s hands, and leaves Fitzgerald for dead in the hands of the Indians. The Indians spare Glass’s life, and he survives at the end of the movie.


That concludes the Revenant review! Overall I really think that this was a great historical tale of revenge. The fact that Glass came back from basically being a dead man after that bear attack was very captivating to watch. His journey throughout the movie and the situations he got into were interesting to see. My eyes were glued onto the TV the entire time. The acting was great from DiCaprio and Hardy, as DiCaprio won an Oscar for this role. Also another thing that not a lot of people talk about in this film is its cinematography. The shots in the film as well as the setting that it was in were beautiful throughout the movie. In conclusion this was a great action wilderness movie, very underrated. I would give this movie 4 out of 5 stars, definitely recommend it. Thanks for reading my Revenant review!

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