The Peanut Butter Falcon Review

Today I decided to post my The Peanut Butter Falcon review. This movie stars Shia Labeouf as Tyler, Zack Gottsagen as Zak, and Dakota Johnson as Eleanor. I just recently watched this movie, so it is fresh in my mind. It’s a really inspirational feel good movie that warms your heart all throughout. I definitely recommend getting a bunch of friends together and watching this gem. Let’s get into The Peanut Butter Falcon review! 


The movie starts with introducing a 22 year old boy named Zak (played by Zack Gottsagen). Zak has down syndrome and lives in an assisted living home in Richmond Virginia with his caretaker Eleanor (played by Dakota Johnson), and his elderly roommate, Carl (played by Bruce Dern). He has the dream of becoming a professional wrestler and meeting his idol, The Saltwater Redneck, at a wrestling camp. Zak escapes the assisted living home at night with the help of his roommate Carl. He spends the night in an old boat by a dock. 

To start, Carl may be one of my favorite characters in the entire movie. The relationship that he has with Zak is very funny and sweet to me. He’s the one that basically starts Zak’s whole journey throughout the movie. My favorite part of that relationship was when Eleanor comes into Zak’s room and asks Carl where Zak is, Carl denies knowing anything. It was hilarious!


Now introducing Tyler, who is a fisherman in Richmond. Tyler tries to sell crabs that he stole but is turned down because he doesn’t have a license. The group that Tyler stole the carbs from beats Tyler, in turn Tyler burns $12,000 worth of the crabbers equipment. During a high speed chase on the water in the boats, Tyler is followed by henchmen, Duncan and Ratboy. During the chase Tyler finds out that Zak is in his boat. Tyler evades Duncan and Ratboy. Once the two get to shore, Tyler tries to leave Zak behind, however Tyler witnesses Zak getting bullied by another kid. Tyler feels bad, and allows Zak to come with him. They both agree they are going to go on a journey to get to Florida where The Saltwater Redneck and his wrestling camp is. 


Eleanor learns of Zak’s disappearance, and begins to search for him. All the while Duncan and Ratboy pursue Tyler because of all the equipment he burned. Tyler and Eleanor cross paths at a gas station convenience store while Tyler buys supplies for him and Zak. Eleanor asks Tyler if he’s seen Zak, but Tyler denies seeing Zak. 


During Zak and Tylers adventures toward Florida, they begin to develop a special bond during their experiences. They almost get struck by a passing boat, They encounter a blind religious man who baptizes Zak in a river. They make a giant bonfire and get drunk on the beach. That night Zak invents a wrestling persona for himself, The Peanut Butter Falcon. You can really see how throughout their journey together, Tyler inspires Zak and majorly gives his self confidence a boost, something he thinks that Eleanor never does for Zak. 

I think that Tyler develops this deep relationship with Zak because throughout the film it shows flashbacks that Tyler is having his dead brother (Random detail, Tyler wears his brother’s hat all throughout the film). Tyler feels responsible for his death because of a drunk driving incident. I think that Tyler wants to take care of someone because that is what Tylers own brother did for him, and Zak is that person.

After Tyler and Zaks drunken night on the beach, Eleanor finally finds them, and immediately begins to take care of Zak like he is an incapable kid. Tyler doesn’t like this because he thinks it diminishes Zaks self confidence in himself. Eleanor is convinced by Tyler and Zak to come on their journey to Florida with them. On their journey in the Outer Banks, Zak, Eleanor, and Tyler are confronted by Duncan and Ratboy again, who threaten to kill Tyler for what he did, but Zak comes to the rescue with a shotgun and scares off Duncan and Ratboy.


Eleanor, Tyler, and Zak finally complete their journey, and arrive at the Saltwater Rednecks house in Florida. Tyler goes up to his door and an older Saltwater Redneck shows up named Clint. He discovers the school has been closed for years at this point in the movie. Tyler tries to convince Client to put on a lesson for Zak, just to have Zak’s dreams fulfilled, but Clint says that there is nothing that they can do for them. Defeated, and upset, the three leave the house. Moved by Tyler and his request to help Zak out, Clint, now dressed as his character, The Saltwater Redneck shows up. He agrees to put on a camp for Zak.

During the camp, Clint trains Zak and even goes as far as to set up a staged wrestling match for Zak with one of Clint’s friends Sam. During the staged fight, Sam lets his pride get in the way, and does not want a kid with down syndrome to ruin his reputation in the ring, so Sam starts getting violent with Zak. All the while, Duncan and Ratboy arrive on the site to finally get revenge on Tyler. In the final scenes of the fight, Zak musters up the strength to defeat Sam, but Duncan runs up to Tyler and slams him in the head with a wrench, and Tyler falls unconscious. 

In the final scenes, it shows Tyler, Eleanor, and Zak driving off in their car. Tyler is shown to be making his recovery, and the movie ends.


Thus concludes The Peanut Butter Falcon review! Overall I thought this was a really heart warming, feel good movie. I think it was really cool that Tyler seemed to be taking on Zak as his “younger brother”. Just as Tylers older brother did to him when he was alive. Tyler had his upbringing and redemption in a sense from the dark spot that he was in because of the death of his older brother. On the other hand, Zak had his boost in self confidence because he got to realize his dreams of becoming a wrestler. In conclusion I definitely recommend this movie, I give it 4 out of 5 stars! Thanks for reading The Peanut Butter Falcon review!


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