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Today i’m happy to bring you my Interstellar blog! From everything to the cinematography, to the acting to the score. Everything about this movie is perfect in my opinion. Let’s start out my Interstellar blog with the beginning of the movie. In the near future Earth is on the brink of crop extinction, and dust storms threaten the land. Joseph Cooper (Matthew McConaughey) is a former NASA pilot and engineer who is now living as a farmer. Cooper’s daughter Murph encounters a gravitational anomaly during one of the dust storms. Murph says that the anomaly is a ghost.

Cooper finds that there are coordinates within the dust pattern. He tracks them to a NASA facility that is run by Dr. John Brand. Brand explains that the Humanity on Earth is going to go extinct soon and that gravitational anomalies like the one he found have been happening all over the world. Dr. Brand says that “future beings” have placed a wormhole that leads to another galaxy with 12 other possibly habitable planets. Brand explains how 12 volunteers from NASA recently went to survey those 12 planets, and three of the astronauts reported positive results. Cooper is recruited to pilot the Endurance with Dr. Amelia Brand, Dr. Doyle, Dr. Romilly, and two robots TARS and CASE. Their mission is to go to those three planets and see whether they are actually habitable. 

The first planet that they go to in the alternate galaxy is an ocean world, where they find out that time is severely dilated. When they go down to the planet they find out that Miller (the one who surveyed the planet) in fact only transmitted data a couple of hours ago, which was many many years on Earth.

The Ocean planet is filled with enormous tsunamis and kills Miller only mere hours after she arrived. When Cooper and Brand go back up to the Endurance they find that 23 years have passed because of the time dilation on the planet, yet they were only down there for a few hours. I thought this was genius on Christopher Nolan’s part to think of the whole time dilation idea, and how it affected the mission. It was a really powerful scene when Cooper and Brand get back up to the Endurance after only being on the planet for a few hours, and find Dr. Romilly to be 23 years older. 

Cooper and the Endurance crew decide to go survey Dr. Manns (Matt Damon) planet next, when they get there they revive him out of cryostasis. They begin to survey the planet only to figure out that Mann was lying about his planet the whole time just to save his own self. It really speaks to the cowardice of the situation that Dr. Mann was willing to literally sacrifice all of humanity just to save his own self. Cooper and the Endurance crew then have a race back up to the Endurance from his planet to try and prevent Dr. Man from stealing the Endurance and leaving them stranded in another galaxy. Dr. Mann gets to the Endurance first but improperly docs his spacecraft on the station thereby blowing a portion of the endurance up.

By the way the score by Hans Zimmer in this docking scene makes the scene 1000x better (Really the score by Hans Zimmer makes the whole movie 1000x better). Cooper and Brand decide to make the risky move to dock on the blown up Endurance and succeed. However they do not have enough fuel to go and survey the last planet and make it back to Earth. Cooper decides to sacrifice himself by doing a slingshot maneuver around the black hole to propel Dr. Brand to the last planet, in the process he releases himself and TARS into the oblivion of the black hole.

This black hole scene is by far my favorite scene of the movie. It reveals a lot of things about the plot of the movie, yet is simultaneously confusing and thought provoking. I really applaud Christopher Nolan for having the brain and mind to think of this. Cooper enters the black hole to find himself in a “tesseract” of past events from behind his daughter Murphs book bookshelf. Cooper then realizes that he himself is the “ghost” that manipulated the gravitational anomaly with the dust.

Using a wrist watch sat on the book shelf, Cooper manipulates the watch hands in the form of Morse Code to transmit quantum data that TARS collected from inside the black hole. Cooper trusts Murph to find out the information in the future. This scene was really powerful to me because the bond that Cooper and Murph have really shows in this scene. Cooper trusts in Murph to eventually basically save the entire human species which is really powerful.

Cooper is ejected from the black hole and is picked up in space nearby a space habitat that is on the ring of Saturn. Finding Cooper is still a young adult, his daughter Murph is now an old dying woman. Murph is recognized as the person who saved the world, and Cooper and Murph have a powerful embrace. The line that Murph says to her father Cooper is powerful in the moment. She says “Go find Brand, no parent should have to watch their own child die”. Cooper then takes a spacecraft with TARS to go to Dr. Brands habitable planet and the movie ends.

Thus concludes my Interstellar blog! The end of this movie gave me goosebumps because it shows Cooper being an explorer looking for new frontiers for all of humanity. It really left me with a feeling of inspiration. That I should do the same, be an explorer in life and search for new frontiers in my own life. Overall five out of five stars for me. My favorite movie ever. Thanks for reading my Interstellar blog!


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  1. This movie is my favorite movie of all time also I was weeping a lot of times, hyperventilating. Makes me want to explore more things in life.

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