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Hello Everyone! I’m super glad that you made it to my new blog! My name is Will McDonald, and I just started a blog called Cinema Scrutiny. Basically what the premise of what you will see on this blog, if you decide to stay for more, is honest in depth movie reviews. I want to try and make it a point to review a wide variety of movies to reach all types of audiences, so you will see all types of genres that you may enjoy on my blog. Everything to action, sci-fi, even little romance will be seen on my blog! I am doing this for a class that I am in at Belmont University, and the professor asked us to create a blog about any topic that you would like. I asked myself, “what do I really like to think about, and enjoy writing about?”. My answer was movies! I’ve always loved the times when my friends and I got out of the movie theatre after a movie, and we talked about what we liked/didn’t like, our different theories, and just our overall thoughts of the movie. I wanted to bring that feeling and conversation I had with my friends into blog form, and have that same conversation with my readers. I hope that when you see my blogs you input your own thoughts so I can see what you guys thought of the movie compared to my thoughts. Thank you for stopping by, and I hope to see you soon!

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